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GWI uPVC Doors & Windows offers world-class uPVC doors & windows to its customers by giving superior protection to their homes and offices. The product possesses an inherent ability to conserve energy throughout its lifetime right from its raw material stage to the in-use stage.

The energy efficiency property gives them Green & Eco-friendly recognition. Our uPVC Doors & Windows are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Designed to withstand the Indian climate, the product complies with worldwide norms and safety & quality parameters.

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UPVC Windows

UPVC Windows are a great option for your house. They are not only trendy, but are stable materials…

UPVC Doors

Doors add style to your house, and therefore, are very important aspects to the appearance of your house…

UPVC Ventilators

Durable, strong, and tough, UPVC Ventilators are just what you need. Being available at a low cost…

UPVC Partitions

Partitions are great when it comes to space saving as well as cost saving. Designed in a perfectly modulated…

Why Choose Us

Team Of Experts

We are a group of highly qualified and proficient bunch of people who have established a manufacturing facility focusing on innovative uPVC Doors & Windows.

Our Approach

The flexible approach to client needs means providing customized solutions to almost any task we are set for.

On Time Delivery

We are highly Committed to on time deliveries.


uPVC can be recycled as often as 10 times. Where they have been commonly used for the past 30 years, such as in Europe, uPVC windows and doors can be - and are - recycled at the end of life.

Low Maintenance

GREEN WINDOW uPVC windows & doors require almost negligible maintenance and do not need painting or polishing, just normal cleaning with soap water & cotton cloth will keep them new forever.

Highly Durable

Durability of GREEN WINDOW uPVC windows & doors is around 40-50 years as tested for Indian climatic conditions.

Dust Proof

The double impact sealing system of EPDM gasket & silicon sealant along with a wool pile ensures that uPVC windows & doors are perfectly sealed against rainwater & dust.

Cost Effective

Attributing to it's thermal & noise insulation properties along with minimal Maintenence ensures that the product will be cost-effective in the long term.

Weather Resistance

uPVC windows & doors can easily withstand severe weather conditions including heavy rainfall & extreme exposure to the sun.

UV Resistance

Unique blend of uPVC used for Cora windows & doors do not absorb UV rays and hence secure your home against the harmful radiations.

Termite Free

Cora uPVC windows & doors are 100% termite free as uPVC is a modified fiber.

Easy Installation

With highly professional & technically sound installation team at work GWI ensures a hassle-free installation at the site with minimal damage to the civil work.


At GWI, every customer is unique & so is the requirement. GREEN WINDOW uPVC windows & doors come along with multiple designs, style & finishes. Giving a solution matching to every customer need.


uPVC windows can incorporate multi-locking systems providing a high level of security for homes or businesses. Most uPVC window locking systems lock at multiple points all around the sash and frame.

Fire Retardant

GREEN WINDOW uPVC windows & doors do not spread fire and are self-extinguishing when the fire source is put off.

Sound Proof

When used with double or triple glazed glasses GREEN WINDOW uPVC windows and doors can cut down noise up to a very significant level so that it will not be a botheration for you.

Wind Resistance

Unique built up with galvanized iron reinforcement gives strength to GWI uPVC windows & doors and they do not rattle even if exposed to a wind pressure of 3000 Pascals.

24*7 customer support

With highly competent in house service team GREEN WINDOW ensures that every customer complaint is looked after with a high level of technical competence & care within 48hrs.

Commercial Projects
Residential Projects
Happy Customers
Response was very good. The professionals arrived on time and communicated very clearly before visit the requirements based on the photo I had Whatsapped. The door was completely jammed and was almost 15yrs old. They handled it very carefully and completed the job no matter how hard it was.
A professional company where the owners are extremely honest and upfront about their estimates and there are no more surprises after that. The work was done professionally. The quality of the material was superior and overall experience was good. We got our 3 balconies covered with UPVC sliding windows with mosquito mesh. Overall, I am happy with their service and strongly recommend to anyone looking for UPVC work.
I was very skeptical on going with “Green Windows Industry” as I had never met any of their team members. I explained my requirements to Sunitha and requested for a quote. The quote was emailed and watsapped to me. After evaluating with coiple of other vendors in the market, we decided to go ahead with Green Windows Industry. Throughout the process I have been talking and coordinating with Sunitha over phone. Their team visited the site and took the required measurements. I paid a booking amount (50% of the total amount). Sunitha kept me posted on the status of the upvc glass doors. I requested them to get the door installed before Sankranti as we had to perform the house warming ceremony. They obliged and 4 doors were installed in approx. 4 hours. We are extremely happy with their service. The experience has been quite smooth. I didnt have to visit their factory or office to check any materials. Here are some pictures for reference.
Frequently Asked Questions

uPVC stands for Un Plasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride, which is a kind of hard fibre, a very hard & modified form of PVC. PVC is plastic, but as the name suggests uPVC is the Unplasticized form of PVC which do not show any plastic properties such as brittle, Fading of colour under sun exposure, low shelf life etc. uPVC is a very stable & steady fibre that can be easily moulded into different shapes & comes with highly durable shell life that no other fenestration product has shown so far. Unlike PVC uPVC is recyclable & an eco-friendly product.

  • Noise Proof
  • Dust Proof
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Green Product
  • Termite Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Thermally Insulated

GWI is among India’s leading manufacturers of uPVC windows & doors that offers 100% customized solutions & hassle free installations. Our uPVC windows & doors are made as per the Indian weather conditions & can easily withstand extreme climatic conditions. GWI uPVC windows & doors are noise & heat proof & durability of the product is around 40-50 years.

GWI products are tested for performance & come with a warranty of 15 years on uPVC profiles, & 10 year on hardware.

GWI uPVC windows & doors are handcrafted with perfection & are customized to your needs. Our aim is to provide an error-free solution every time, hence our turn around time varies based on the product specifications which is communicated at the time of placing the order with us.

Since most of our windows & doors have glass on them it is very important to install them after all the civil work is completed at the site so that no damage will be caused to the finished product. Our recommendation is to get the product installed after 1st coat of paint.

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